Deborah Tract

Deborah E. Tract joined the Temple Or Elohim community in July 2013. She has been in the field of Jewish education for over 29 years. Deborah has just completed a decade of service as Director of Education at Temple Beth Elohim, Old Bethpage, NY. During her tenure at this congregation.

Deborah created innovative programs as well as a class for Special Needs. In addition to overseeing the Religious School, Deborah also brought informal Jewish education via junior and senior Youth Groups to the students; bringing them together, strengthening friendship and building community.

Deborah is a graduate of Adelphi University School of Social Work. She has worked in various not-for-profit agencies. She was Assistant Director for Nassau County Supervised Visitation and a fundraiser for United Jewish Appeal Federation of New York, Long Island Women’s Campaign and Long Island Business and Professional Women.

Deborah is a "graduate" of the Leadership Institute for Congregational School Principals, a joint program of Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute for Religion and the Jewish Theological Seminary, a professional development program for Jewish educators. Deborah also completed the Jewish Leadership in Congregational Schools (TLC's).

A daughter of a Reform Rabbi who serves at a local Long Island Congregation and a mother who was a Reform Jewish Educator. Deborah has devoted her time to ensuring that all children receive a solid Jewish education. Deborah is committed to creating an educational journey that is based on creative experiences and will give children a foundation for lifelong learning and community.

Deborah is a Zionist and spent two years studying at Haifa University. She has traveled to Israel many times and is fluent in Hebrew. She considers Israel her second home.

Deborah  is the President of the Long Island Temple Educators (LITE). She is a member of National Association Temple Educators (NATE), a professional organization for Jewish educators in the Reform movement. Deborah has held numerous positions on Parent-Teacher Association School Boards and PTA Council. Deborah resides with her husband and children in Huntington, NY.

Hebrew School Curriculum

Grades K - 1

Wonders of God's creations, Mitzvahs of Tzedakah, Holidays, What it means to be a "Jewish Child", Bible, Synagogue life.

Grade 2

Jewish calendar, Jewish values, Bible, Beginning Hebrew letters and Israel.

Grade 3

Bible, Biblical Heroes, What it means to be Jewish, Formal introduction to Hebrew, Geography of Israel and the Israeli people.

Grade 4

Elements of the synagogue, Hebrew instruction is enhanced with focus on Hebrew reading and writing.

Grade 5

Jews around the world, Jewish thought, Customs, Practices, Ideology, Ethics, Jewish heroes and Role models.

Grade 6

Jewish history, Struggles for tolerance and freedom, Immigration to USA, Holocaust, Life Cycle and Advanced Hebrew Learning for becoming a B'nai Mitzvah.

Grade 7

From Generation to Generation (L'Dor V'Dor). Students explore their own heritage, heavy emphasis on Mitzvot. Achieve a comfort level for B'nai Mitzvah and continue to focus on Hebrew and prayers for B'nai Mitzvah worship service.

Grades 8 - 9

Pre-Confirmation Program
Students will meet on scheduled Tuesday evenings from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. They will share quality time over dinner followed by either a formal or informal session of learning.
During formal sessions, students will meet with Deborah E. Tract to explore issues faced by teens every day. Jewish perspectives will be discussed and teens will have the opportunity to share. Informal Jewish education will take place, i.e. Youth Group. Teens will have opportunities to meet other Jewish teenagers via events and socials. Teen activities will be offered as a way for Temple Or Elohim teens to bond and form friendships.Grade 10

Confirmation Program
Students learn with Rabbi.Grade 11 - 12

Post Confirmation
Our students are encouraged to continue their studies and will be given the opportunity to "graduate" from Temple Or Elohim. Students will meet once a month on a scheduled Tuesday evening from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM to discuss current events, learn issues, future youth programs i.e. Birthright. They will be given opportunities to participate in school action projects, community service and field trips.


Yad B'Yad - Special Needs

Provides positive and nurturing learning experiences in a stress-free environment. All grade level curriculums taught via a prepared IEP (Individualized Educational Plan). Admission to this class will be considered after a formal application is given to the Director of Education who will consult with our special needs teacher. Please schedule a conference with the Director of Education if you feel your child(ren) is in need of the extra specialized attention this class affords.


A unique learning experience offered to all, fifth and sixth grades. This is an alternative method of learning to fit a family's lifestyle. The Fast Forward program is a unique, creative and innovative program. It eliminates a second day of learning by combining a curriculum of Hebrew, Judaica, Ethics, Values and B'nai Mitzvah preparation into one classroom learning session each week; plus one-on-one (teacher-student) instruction via the internet with a click of a computer button. A student is face to face with their teacher.

The Fast Forward program offers two incentives to learn, reduced classroom time and a custom designed weekly Skype session with their teacher schedule at a mutually agreed upon time. A student can master the Hebrew language more efficiently through private instruction. It is engaging, fun and a motivating tool for today's generation of computer-savvy learners.