Religious School

At our Religious School, we provide a nurturing and supportive environment. Our school is known for giving children a foundation for lifelong Jewish learning that enables them to develop their own beliefs through knowledge and experience.

Our teachers have years of experience in Jewish studies and are certified Educators. Our Director of Lifelong Learning, Deborah Tract, brings over 30 years of experience in Jewish education and has developed our unique and innovative programming.

We are offering a 1-year free membership for families enrolling their child for the first time at our Religious School. Learn about all the benefits that come with membership here!

Ages 3 – 4

Alef Bet Tot Fun!

Interactive learning of the Alef, Bet Hebrew letters, Brachot ( Blessings), Chagim (holidays) and plenty of fun!
Meets once a month on a Thursday

Grades K – 2

For our youngest school-aged students, we take a hands-on approach to Jewish learning using music, storytelling, and crafts. Children discover Hebrew letters through projects, games, and discussion. We cover the Wonders of God’s creations, Mitzvahs of Tzedakah, Holidays, What it means to be a “Jewish Child”, Introductory themes of the Torah, and What it means to be part of a Temple community.

Meets Tuesdays 4:30 PM – 6:15 PM

Grades 3 – 5

Our older Elementary School students are encouraged to pursue a journey of prayer and lifelong Jewish learning. Our comprehensive curriculum balances prayer learning with music and holiday fun. Students learn at their own pace; we know that each child is unique in their learning style and we make sure every student receives personal attention. During the semester, students will have the opportunity to lead a Friday evening Shabbat Service.

Grade 3 Curriculum
Bible, Biblical Heroes, What it means to be Jewish, Formal introduction to Hebrew, Geography of Israel and the Israeli people. 

Meets Tuesday 4:30 PM – 6:15 PM

Grade 4 Curriculum
Elements of the synagogue, Exploring Israel and the life of an Israeli, Enhanced Hebrew instruction with focus on reading and writing, in-depth lessons on Jewish Holidays, Customs, and practice.

Meets Tuesday 4:30 PM – 6:15 PM

Grade 5 Curriculum
Jews around the world, Jewish thought, Customs, Practices, Ideology, Ethics, Jewish heroes, and Role models.

Meets Monday or Thursday 4:30 PM -6:15 PM in-person, with an additional day/time during the week for a oneonone with the teacher remotely (Skype) to further assist a child’s learning. 

Grades 6

Jewish history, Struggles for tolerance and freedom, Immigration to the USA, The Holocaust, Life Cycle and Advanced Hebrew Learning for becoming a B’nai Mitzvah. Music curriculum for reading and chanting focused on Bat/Bar Mitzvah preparation. 

Students will have a formal introduction to the Holocaust and be encouraged to engage in tough conversations about Anti-Semitism. Jewish values will be explored broadly with emphasis on how they apply to our own lives. Students will have the chance to lead one Friday night Shabbat Service. 

Meets Monday or Thursday 4:30 PM – 6:15 PM in-person, with an additional day/time during the week for a one-on-one with the teacher remotely (Skype) to reinforce reading skills. 

Grades 7

From Generation to Generation (L’Dor V’Dor), students explore their own heritage with heavy emphasis on Mitzvot. We will help them achieve a comfort level for B’nai Mitzvah and continue to focus on Hebrew reading and prayers so each child is fully prepared for their big day. 

Students will also take part in a comprehensive Holocaust studies program and have the opportunity to hear testimony, as well as forge a personal connection through projects and participation in special services. 

Meets Monday or Thursday 4:30 PM – 6:15 PM 

Grades 8-9

Students will meet on scheduled Tuesday evenings from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. They will share quality time over dinner followed by either a formal or informal session of learning. 

During formal sessions, students will meet with Deborah Tract to explore issues faced by teens every day. Jewish perspectives will be discussed, and teens will have the opportunity to share their viewpoints. Informal Jewish education will take place, such as through our Youth Group. Teens will have opportunities to meet other Jewish teenagers via events and socials to bond and form friendships. 

Grades 10

Confirmation Program 
Students learn with our Clergy. 

Grades 11-12

Post Confirmation 

Our students are encouraged to continue their studies and will be given the opportunity to “graduate” from the Temple. Students will meet once a month on a scheduled Tuesday evening from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM to discuss current events, issues, and future youth programs (i.e., Birthright). They will be given opportunities to participate in school action projects, community service and field trips. 


Yad B’Yad – Special Needs 

Provides positive and nurturing learning experiences in a stress-free environment. All grade level curriculums are taught via a prepared IEP (Individualized Educational Plan). Admission to this class will be considered after a formal application is given to the Director of Lifelong Learning, who will consult with our special needs teacher. Please schedule a conference with the Deborah Tract if you feel your child(ren) is in need of the extra specialized attention this class affords. 


A unique virtual learning experience offered to all fifth and sixth grade students. This is an alternative method of learning to fit a family’s lifestyle. The Fast Forward program eliminates a second day of learning by combining a curriculum of Hebrew, Judaica, Ethics, Values and B’nai Mitzvah preparation into one classroom learning session each week, one-on-one with a teacher, conducted remotely. 

The Fast Forward program offers a student two incentives to learn: reduced classroom time, and a custom designed weekly remote (Skype) session with their teacher scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time. A student can master the Hebrew language more efficiently through private instruction. It is engaging, fun and a motivating tool for today’s generation of computer-savvy learners. 

We’re offering a 1-year free membership for families of first-time students. Learn how to join our Temple family here.

For more information , please contact our Director of Lifelong Learning, Deborah Tract
(516) 433-9888 Ext 15